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Library Annex


The Library Annex is located at 18 Common Street, adjacent to the main Library building.

As a collaboration between the library and the Brookfield Historical Commission, the Annex provides storage and display areas for historic materials, and also serves as a meeting space for multiple community groups.

Donations of local and historic material are always welcome. To reserve a meeting space, please contact the library directly at 508-867-6339. 

The Library Annex is made possible by generous donations to the Friends of the Library as well as the ongoing support of Brookfield voters and library patrons. 

In 2018, with help from the Friends of the Library, the property at 18 Common Street was leased by the Merrick Public Library from Rudy and Sarah Heller, owners of the Tip Top Country Store on Central Street in Brookfield.

In 2021, after three years of leasing the property, Brookfield residents voted in favor of purchasing 18 Common Street during Brookfield’s Annual Town Meeting.

Coming Soon: The Library Annex at 18 Common Street will be dedicated to several of its benevolent advocates, including Wilfred and Barbara Steadman, and Rudy and Sarah Heller.

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