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Library Policies

The Merrick Public Library’s mission is to maintain free services to our community. We promote our love of recreational reading and are supportive in maintaining creative, interesting programs based on our patrons’ interests and requests. We are committed to preserving and sharing our local history. We strive to inform and empower by creating easy access to a vast array of information and materials.  We support an informed citizenry, lifelong learning, and reading in any and all formats.

Library Policies & User Agreements


Borrowing Policy

Bulletin Board Policy

Child Safety Policy

Internet & Wireless Use Policy

Item Donation Policy

Library Closure Policy

Local History Collection Development Policy (PENDING)

Local History & Special Collections Policy (PENDING)

Materials Selection & Usage Policy

Meeting Room Policy

Notary Service Policy

Patron Behavior Policy (PENDING)

Photography & Videography Policy

Privacy Policy

Social Media Policy (PENDING)

Tutoring Policy (PENDING)

Volunteer Policy (PENDING)

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