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Wanted: Photos of Brookfield Buildings

Many visitors to the Brookfield library ask for information on their historic homes. While we have info on some of the houses from a survey done in the 1980s (available online through the Massachusetts Historical Commission at, for many places we have limited info. We’d like to invite the public to share photographs and information on their houses and buildings, for future information seekers. Even if your house is newly built, in a hundred years someone will be looking for old photos of it. Please keep in mind that any information you provide will be available to the public, so include only information you are comfortable being known to the wider world. We are especially interested in old and new photographs of houses, stores, buildings, barns, and structures, inside and out, and memories and stories associated with them.

Photos can be donated to the library, mailed or brought in to be scanned and returned, or emailed to Please include info on the type of building, address, year it was built, and any info or stories you’d like to share. Please call, stop by, or email with questions.

Merrick Public Library

2 Lincoln Street

P.O. Box 528

Brookfield, MA 01506


(House at Lawrence Cross Road. dismantled in 1975)

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